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Paloma Bay

Paloma Bay nestles in the peaceful island of Peng Chau.  As suggested by its name Paloma, which is derived from ‘Palomus’, the Latin word for dove, a sign of peace, it is a haven of tranquillity and harmonious living amidst the beauty and wonders of nature. A mere 6-minute walk from the Peng Chau ferry pier, a 10-minute ferry ride from Discovery Bay and 30-minute from the Central Business District, Paloma Bay is a dream home for those looking for a retreat from the hustles and bustles of the city.  At Paloma Bay, you will be pampered by the rhythmic sea waves, expansive sea view and the beauty of dusk to dawn.

Paloma Bay comprises two villas and 26 low-rise blocks of apartments and duplexes, set amidst beautiful landscaped gardens and heart-warming ambience.





785 - 815 s.f. (M.F.A.) / 628 - 652 s.f. (S.F.A.)  


1,790 - 1,799 s.f. (M.F.A.) / 1,342 - 1,349 s.f. (S.F.A.)



2- to 3-bedroom

Monthly Rent


From HK$17,000





18 Peng Lei Road, Peng Chau
official website

Leasing Contact:

Ms. Steffie Kwok