Hong Kong Guide



The Hong Kong private school system is divided into three mainstreams: Hong Kong International Schools (HKIS), English Schools Foundation (ESF) and other international schools. Enrollment has become competitive in the past few years with many expatriate families relocating to Hong Kong and limited class spaces available.


Tips for Successful School Search

  • Website Referral

Most schools have a website which provides detail information such as their address, the school's system, extracurricular activities, pictures of their facilities, tuition fees and zoning requirements. It is useful to browse these websites as a starting point to search the best school for your kids.


  • Set up an Appointment or Send in an Application

If you decide which school is suitable for your child, you can contact the school to set up an appointment to discuss. If you have no further questions, send in an application. Documents required may include copies of school reports and passports for verification of your child's date of birth.


  • Interview/Assessment

The school may request an interview with your child in order to assess whether the application will be considered. If the application is being considered, the school will request meeting with you and your child. By then, you will have chance to visit the school as well.


  • Waiting List

If your child is on the waiting list, there is nothing much you can do but wait. It is suggested to keep in contact with the school to check where on the list your child is. To secure a school place, it is always suggested to apply for several schools to minimize the risk of failing to find a suitable school for your child.

If your child is accepted by the school, then you will have to pay a registration fee, provided that the child has the appropriate visa to study. Also, the school would require an address proof, for example, copy of offer letter or tenancy agreement.